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Hold You Momma

Song Lyrics Draft: “Hold You Momma”

August 20, 2019


Dedicated to my kids who at a young age would mean to say, “Hold me Momma.” But would actually say, “Hold you Momma.” I guess it was the connection they would make when I would ask, “Do you want me to hold you?”

“Hold You Momma”

The words might not sounds right

But it cries the hunger of the heart

“Hold you Momma”

Is still a great place to start

I’m too scared

To go it all alone

“Hold you Momma” Is an anchor

to get you through the storm

“Hold you Momma” is such a

beautiful place to start

I’m here to be your tender

I’m here to hear your heart

I’m here to hold you closely

Until you are ready

I’m here to hold you closely

To again attempt to start

“Hold you Momma” pulls you

Back to a place of rest

“Hold you Momma” reminds you

That someone thinks you’re the best

Now you are ready

To hit your feet again

You’re once again reminded

And feel safe once again

“Hold you momma” is sacred space

To ground again and again

“Hold you Momma, “Hold you”

“Hold You” once again.

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