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Feel that Wind Blow

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Song Lyrics Draft: Feel that Wind Blow August 20, 2019 By KKS

Inspired by our ferry ride from North Manitou Island back to the mainland by way of South Manitou Island. The wind was growing as it was blowing; the sun was shining brightly, engulfed in a deep dark blue sky; the waves grew deeper with caps growing higher and whiter as we navigated the tumultuous channel.

Feel that Wind Blow Feel that wind blow  Blow it all away  With a mighty splash  Wash it all away I have come to know  I know it’s time to shift  I know it’s time to change  and never be the same  I know it’s time to release  from a heart that breaks  released from an ideal image  of the way it might’ve been The wave hits hard Water spray is all that’s there  Just gets swept away  Nothing the same remains in here The waves they keep coming  At first it is a shock  After fear releases  You realize you’re not stuck  The stuff you’ve been holding onto  Is no longer still attached  There is a new awareness  The weight completely comes unlatched Free from all that binds you A new path has emerged Free from all that bound you You now have come through a purge Only one way to move  in line with what you say Only one way to live  Moving forward everyday There is hope. Now give it. There is freedom. Now live it. There is peace. Now receive it.  There is Love. Now reflect it. You are worthy to be free From all that held you tight  You are worthy to be free  Share what helps you to feel bright You are worthy to be free From all that held you tight  You are worthy to be free You are now released from the night 

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