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I Think I Have a Song

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Song Lyrics Draft




I think I have a Song

I think I have a song

Brewing in my heart

This is all new to me

But it seems it’s time to start

People take time to grow

And to change

Sometimes reflecting their glory

Other times entering shame

The glory shines so brightly

It draws others to the flame

The shame extinguishes the light

Hiding bright behind a dark pane

The wrestling enters in

What is going to win

To shine brightly feels a lie

When the dim starts to win

You are nothing

Starts to be the chorus line

You are nothing

Is all that runs through my mind

How can you even speak

When you are so untrue

You are so unworthy

Becomes what makes me new

Time to hide the light

Shame is all I see

I know I once was shiny

But the darkness captured me

Now I have been here long

I have forgotten about the light

I think this shadow is normal

Somehow this begins to look right

I have forgotten all the glory

I forgot when the light shown through

Now I see a shadow

Thinking that, now my true

There are moments when I’m still

Craving for a deep fill

I sense a flicker reflecting

Off the smile of a girl

She shows a heart so lovely

That her light is peaking through

I remember for a moment

My own once bright light too

The days the light leaked out

Like it was always right

The days the light leaked out

A special kind of bright

What happened to that glory

Did it leave or is it hidden

Sitting there just waiting

Until it’s time again to break through

To release all that it holds tightly

To simply just break through

To release all that it holds tightly

To find the real you

To again be counted worthy

Of wholeness once again

To be seen as sacred treasure

Reflecting glory of divine

Released from all that binds me

And keeps me all alone

Released from all that binds me

And keeps me out of line

Show me how to enter

Help me get in line

I now know they’ll take me

I’m ready to take the time.

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