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Updated: May 25, 2020


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Do you know what it looks like?

I saw it today

A surrendered into...

a moment...

in space

Today it had sounds

And a sight grew too

When pieces come together

Looking like new

A new form appears

reflecting the re-new


I saw it today

It’s like pieces poured out

It’s like a flow that fills...

into a space

that at first I wouldn’t know...

how to embrace

One by one

People come

They take their place


They sit

They ready themself


One thing I know

Fullness does not grow

Sitting alone

The kind of alone

that feels like a stone

Now don’t get me wrong

There is a side to being ready

That does require

personal work that is steady

To prepare well

Does take time

And does take intention

to rehearse...

and rehearse...

each and every line...

and every new verse

You cannot just show up to play

On your very first day

Expecting to sound

like a pro from the first

To have a chance

To come into fullness

First I must see

All the steps needed

to take

that are before me

Step one must be to show up

You’re always invited

To come into the place

That will grow you

and stretch you

Into new space

Yesterday might look the same

But today going through

Impacted by learning

That has made its way...

through and into you

New learning takes practice

This new form takes time

New language still forming

New process still coming...

Slowly online

Fullness will grow

As hungers are met

Filling with real impact

Lest you forget

Fullness is known

As deep layers are seen

Fullness gets filled

With live action on the scene

Showing up

Right here

Not going


Sleeves pushed up

Beaconing work

Sleeves pushed up

to bring action

to get through the dirt

(that might look a little like hurt)


A simple sight

A simple sound


A right-rightness

Here have I found

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