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The Art of Collaborative Living

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

By Kate K Skidmore

Frameworks for Living

The Art of Collaborative Living

Challenging the independent, fiercely independent, and competitive frameworks for living.

Ubantu - The concept that I am because we are.

The art of collaborative living recognizes that the direction of flow of life is not a 1:1 ratio.

The art of collaborative living recognizes there is enough in the big picture to flow and flex to the needs of the moment to walk together.

The art of collaborative living recognizes that coming up short in my own world creates an opportunity to develop relationship. This relationship is special and builds community. This community builds resiliency. This resiliency extends to not only my own system but the broader system too.

Sure there are various reciprocations within the collaborative system, just not a linear zero sum total reciprocation.

It’s the pouring out in one season when your own resources are plentiful and a drinking in during another season when there is need. It’s the occasion of sharing available resources where somehow as you give, your own resource pool grows instead of shrinks. It’s recognizing one person’s gifts and talents and seeing the dynamic interface that grows when combined with someone else’s gifts and talents.

I’m a generalist. I usually do broad strokes pretty well. I benefit tremendously from people that thrive in the detail. Together we both live larger than either one of us could alone. As people begin to take on this art of collaborative living, you begin to have a new view as you begin to see more effective community through the eyes of the whole.

I have a friend that use to be afraid to get on an airplane and fly anywhere. My adventurer side impacted her reserved 72 degree side and dynamically she is now a world traveler and I have taken on the pleasure of enjoying a lot more 72 degree comforts. As the result of entering in through the lens of The Art of Collaborative Living, we are a stronger more resilient community.

I will lean in. Will you?

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