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Time already? Echoes.

October 12, 2019


From years of watching adult children walk through the hard work of saying good bye to a parent... especially a parent they long to feel approval from. For those kids that long to hear, “Well done! I’m so proud of you! I love you!”


What remains?

Moving up next...

Parents..time is drawing near.


What remains?

Am I ready?

It’s not really time yet, is it?


What will remain?

Am I ready?

What do I need to say?


What will remain?

Ready or not?

What do I need to hear?


I love you.

I want to hear you say, “I love you.”


I am so proud of you.

I want to hear that you are proud of me...

of my...


What parts do I want to know that you are proud of?

—- I’m proud of your work?

—- I’m proud of your family?

—- I’m proud of your beautiful home?

—- I’m proud of what you do?

—- I’m proud of how you look?

—- I’m proud of the impact you make?

—- I’m proud of your art?





What do I want to hear from you before you go?

I’m so proud of you!!

All of you!

I love to see you smile.

I’m proud of how hard you have worked.

I’m proud of the beautiful lives you have brought into the world.

I’m proud of you for loving your family through a lot of hard times over many years.

I’m proud of you when I see you standing together at the top of the hill knowing everything that went into making that moment happen.

I’m proud of how you keep showing up and walking through hard moments.

I’m proud of you when your kids show up capable... and beautiful, did I mention so beautiful?

Can I also say thank you?

Thank you.

Thank you for loving me even when i wasn’t always giving you my best and loving you back well.

Thank you for forgiving me. I know I have left wounds. I know I have injured. I know I did not always behave in ways that cared for you well.

Thank you for forgiving me.

Thank you for trying to look deep into my eyes to try to find me when I was locked too deep inside. I cannot always respond well or receive your reach but I am thankful that you came again and again and kept reaching in.

Thank you.

I love you.

I’m proud of you.

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