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October 2019


There I was, alone in my heart

No peace to be found, not even in part

So I packed up my bags and went on a journey

So much to do so I got started early

I mapped out a route, there was so much to try,

I needed to leave this heart shell behind

And as I explored, I picked up some tricks;

For example: it pays to be liked, and money is nice

Things make you happy and people can too

And while this is true, it all seemed to fade

Did I miss something big? Or was I getting played?

I had to find out, and what could I do

Except go and try, again for round two

Over and over, this exciting adventure

Which first felt so free—became my slave master

These ‘tricks’ that I carried, they seemed to gain weight

Heavier and heavier, round and around

Trapped in my heart with no good way out

Now, there was this old man, I’d see him around

He offered—many a time—to carry my load

But I was fine, my legs strong and sound

This lasted a while, until I stumbled—and fell—

And my face hit the ground

He came up beside me, his eyes full and kind

And said once again,

“please, let me take this burden from you—

“I know the way out and I’ll bring you there too.”

“Why?” I asked, “What’s in it for you?

“There’s simply no way what you say can be true.”

“If you know the right way, then why are you here?”

I pushed him away, my eyes welled with tears

“Son, I walked this road,” the kind old man said

“So that you could be free—not left here for dead

“Not stuck trying again and again,

“to fill up your heart— this journey won’t end

“You have no hope in the world without me.

“Please let me fill your eternity.”

“Fine take it!” I said, “But what must I do?

This seems just a little to good to be true, that you want my best.

Are you sure I don’t have to pass some kind of test?”

“No son, just rest—and here; put on this vest”

The kind old man, he lifted my head

When all of a sudden I was in bed

This bed—it felt like my home

Safe, sound, and no chaos around.

Then off in the distance I heard a small sound

The trickling of water—wait water?

No, that couldn’t be

Water was something I never did see

In all of my travels, no not even once.

And then a great rush! A tsunami of peace.

It welled from the dust and swept me away

At first I was scared—was I gonna drown?

But then I remembered, the vest! I could float!

The water, it rose and my feet left the ground.

Faster and faster the water poured in

Filling my heart and taking me with it

Until finally, finally! My heart bubbled over,

water outpouring. As for me? I was soaring.

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