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Updated: Feb 2, 2020

January 2, 2020

By kks






Barometers measure pressure

Pressure I cannot see

Barometers measure pressure

Pressure that gets to me

Barometers are useful tools

They help me to prepare

They tell of a storm that is coming

They show the storm that is almost there

When I see the signs

I can prepare for what’s ahead

I can prepare my world all around

I can tie all the loose things down

I can take action to show care

Care that is needed


Care that is needed

To make it from here to there

If I miss the signs

When the pressure runs out

When I miss the signs

To a storm in my line

My eyes are blind

If I miss the signs

The pressure still runs out

When I somehow miss the signs

I sit and wonder why

Wham! The storm appears

Bam! I am right there

Weathering a storm, as it passes by

This mountain sized tsunami

That I somehow did not see

Somehow I missed the signs

How did I not see?

What am I missing?

Please someone.

Can someone help me see?

I wonder how the signs escaped me

How could I be so blind?

This mountain sized tsunami

Now tears me from my home

Tears me...

and tears me...

tears me from my home

My home where I am safe

My home where I am secure

My home that I have filled

With things that build my base

My home that I have prepared

That helps me weather through

When I can see the storm path

Heading straight for me

I could anticipate

That the storm

just might break through

That mighty storm

somehow finds

that which causes me

to nearly come undone

Though the blocks are sound

this storm manages to break through

Storms find any crack

that cannot hold their true

The bigger the storm

the mightier the seep

That somehow finds the tiny hole

and manages to breakthrough

Once there is a breech

Momentum starts to build

Then we see the walls come tumbling down

the whole fabric becomes unfurled

When I’m looking the other way

And I miss all the signs

The storm is here and gone

This storm rips through

And laying me open wide

Yet another time

Laying wide open leaves me

Where I do not want to be

Laying wide open

Makes me want to hide

and not be seen

I want to protect...

I want to protect my whole world once again..

Maybe today I can install

A new barometer tool

Maybe I can use one

that’s been tried and true

Maybe my new tool

Will help me

Set my anchors new

Maybe this time my anchors will be

Deep and for sure secure

Maybe I can anchor off from

A foundation made of rock

Maybe a cornerstone

A foundation rock

One that’s tried and true

Maybe I can pick a big rock

A rock notably bigger than me

and bigger than you

So strange when I cannot see

In advance

The when or how

So strange that I cannot always see

The pressure that is dropping now

Sailors watch the pressure climb

They relax for a while

Sailors watch the pressure shift

They know they must survive

The pressure drops

They batton down

To weather the storm ahead

Maybe I’ll get my own barometer

That will help me to prepare instead

It will help me set my anchors

Confidently readying me

I‘ll set my anchors for all that lies ahead

I’ll tune into the wisdom

From my useful tool

Along with all the knowledge

I‘ve saved within my head

I’ll tune in to the wisdom

To not get caught off guard

I would hate to be adrift

In this storm without a sail

Instead of having to get a pail

to clean up all the mess

Now I’ll watch my barometer tool

Now I’ll watch that instead.

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