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Power in Sync

Updated: Apr 1, 2021


kks Power in Sync

First horse to rider

Then rider to horse


The horse allows a rider to lead

though the power he reserves

Is so much

stronger than thee

I’ll listen to you

Allow you to guide

With the bridle in my mouth

I prefer the squeeze on my side

Instead of a yank

A simple click will do

I’ll be your guide

underneath you

My power surrendered

to the strap in your hand

I let you guide me

over the land

If you lose your way

Loosen the reign...

Tell me “take me home”

I know the way

The darkness moved in

Faster than planned

The sun sank low fast

I’ve lost the day

The darkness moved in

Shading the way

Night pressing in

It’s hear to stay

The cold follows in

The wind slices through

I need to get home

What do I do?

If you lose your way

Loosen the reign

Tell me “take me home”

I know the way

Power surrendered in trust

It will do

My power beneath you

Will see you through

Power to walk through

I know the way

Let loose the reign

i know the way

Down through the dark

There is an unexplained spark

Sit deep in the saddle

Keep your feet pressing in

The stirrups will steady you

Around every bend

Heels down; Head up

You can release

All that power inside

Just loosen the reigns

I know the way

Down this trail in the dark

I’ve traveled this road

I can feel the deep mark

Your eyes may not see

the path just ahead

But my heart knows how to head home

through this trail in my head

Release the reigns...

Feel me track you...

Release the reigns...

My power will show through...

Power surrendered

in trust

Cared for deeply

This power can heal

Power released

first horse to rider through reigns

Then rider to horse

The horse knows the way.

Down the steep hill

Then yes through the creek

Around the big rock

Then in through the gate

Our powers in sync

You yielding your reign

me under your seat

knowing the way

You let me drink

Your care on the way

I let you ride scared

but deep in your seat

Firm in our trust

Our powers surrendered

both deep in our trust.

A connection fully rendered


We made it home

We made it home safe

We made it home whole

We made it home whole in our soul

We made it home

now bathed in deep peace

This peace is a grace

giving me grip and release

Power surrendered

A beautiful thing

Power in sync

Satisfies... and is a surprise

Brushed up against the brink

The brink of being lost

Brushed up against the brink

The brink of not coming home

Settling in I blink

I’m am home

Power in sync

Satisfies so deeply

A Thirst quenching drink

Power in sync

Surrendered trust

Now rider and horse

Relationship forged

Next ride starts easier

Next ride stories are told

About the release in the reigns

And the dark ride home



We made it home



Right through the storm

Moments matter

This one defined

Our powers in sync

Tastes so fine

I might even say

one more time

Power used to care

Heals me right there

Power in sync reflects the divine

This true power

brings healing

every time

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