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Three Zones of Growth

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

For those of you leading through the thick of life...

Also known as: Zoned In... Zoned Out...

October 28, 2019


Every person is walking around with three "zones" around them.

Their comfort zone.

Their growth zone, aka, their stretch zone.

Their stress zone.

For years, I facilitated groups and inviduals in team building and personal growth experiences.

At the beginning of each workshop we established the operating rules for the day or week or the length of the training. We used two very effective frameworks to establish a physically and emotionally safe enviornment for each participant.

These two frameworks were used to accelerate the TRUST BASED SYSTEM needed for people to feel safe enough to participate deeply enough to experience some measure of development.

These experiences are used to bring people into the "growth" or "stretch" state while participating in some type of "perceived risk" task or environment.

Actvities like, low and high ropes course activities, wilderness backpacking, canoing on a challenging river, a work project. A project like building boardwalks through a swamp where people have to work hard as an individual and a team in a physically demanding experience. These were all tools used to challenge the participants.

These two frameworks are both simple to work with and effective to use...


If people are willing to...


...use the frameworks.

You know the COOL thing about these two frameworks?

You can use them for any individual and group, no matter what age or stage they are in life.

You know the FUNNY thing about facilitating individuals and teams of people?

The YOUNGER the age of the participant, typically, the more EFFECTIVE they are at TRUSTING the framework, aka TRUSTING the system.

So the younger they are the more willing they are to actually USE the frameworks.


Are you curious yet? Are you curious what these two frameworks are?

I will give you the long version soon, but if I were to give you the very, very, very, very short version of the model, it would look like this:





This sounds kind of easy, right?

The next deeper version might look something like this:




>Environment you might have me thinking...


>To Self >To Others

Listen to yourself and others in:

THIS environment

THIS day at THIS time in

THIS moment

Okay...this might be a little more difficult than I originally expected.


Release what?

Release Preconceived:

>Roles >Reactions >Responses

What do you mean? I don't understand...

EVERY person in any system plays a role...

...the role each individual plays, actually IMPACTS the system.

As an individual IMPACTS the system...

...each individual and the team as a whole REACTS...

As an individual and the team REACTS...

...each person IMPACTS the moment.

This moment actually BUILDS UP or TEARS DOWN...

...builds up or tears down an INDIVIDUAL...self...

...builds up or tears down a TEAM...others...

...builds up or tears down the ENVIRONMENT

...or the culture...

...builds up or tears down TRUST.

Ideally, the impact of each individual on a team or a system would be to effectively BUILD both each individual and BUILD the team. Building the team ultimately results in building a culture of TRUST.

TRUST begats TRUST...

MIS-trust begats MIS-trust.

So, what does all this mean?

Are you ever going to tell us the two FRAMEWORKS?

Yes. But not yet.

Read through this a few times. Let the words and concepts simmer for now. One important aspect in establishing a growth culture:

>growth for self - the individual >growth for a system or team...

is to allow time for reflection.

Reflection gives people a chance to observe.

As people observe...

...they become aware.

As they become aware...

...they can start to anticipate.

As they start to anticipate...

...they can begin to see "drivers."

As they begin to see drivers...

...drivers for themselves and others...

...they can more effectively participate as an individual.

They can actually begin to help shape not only their group or team but ultimately their home, community, and culture.

IMAGINE...the ripple effect...

the TRUST building...

GROWTH producing...

heart HEALING...

relationship RECOVERING...

soul FILLING...

movement toward...


or at least a positive trend in a new life giving direction.


~Encourage one another and build each other up.

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