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Wrestling Enters In

Updated: Jun 14, 2020


Written for those that are hungry to have someone see their true worth. This is captures the essence of the universal dilemma we all face as we learn to walk in our full true self or a shadow version of ourselves.

Wrestling Enters In is complied of excerpts taken from my first song ever completed, Ready to Take the Time by kks June 2020. —————————

The wrestling enters in...

What is going to win?


To shine brightly...

Feels a lie...

When the dim starts to win...

You are nothing

starts to be the chorus line

You are nothing

is all that runs through my mind


I have forgotten all the glory

I forgot when the light shown through

Now I see a shadow

Thinking that, now my true


There are moments when I’m still...

Craving for a deep fill...

I sense a flicker reflecting

Off the smile of a girl


Her glory shines so brightly

It draws others to the flame


Shame extinguishes the light

hiding bright behind a dark pane (pain)


The days the light leaked out

Like it was always right

The days the light leaked out

A special kind of bright


What happened to that glory?

Did it leave or is it hidden?

Sitting there just waiting

Until it’s time again...


To release all that it holds tightly

To simply just break through

To release all that it holds tightly

To find the real you

The beautiful, loved, worthy, glorious, you!

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