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Word for 2023 - VISIBILITY

After experimenting with writing and developing an on-line personal development presence for the past three years (of my thirty year experiment), I've have clarified my niches!

I am now a songwriter

And a "little bit" performer.

With over fifty songs written/co-written, performing is a necessary means to share the songs that I have grown to love. I'm still learning and stretching as a live performing musician,  but my goal as an artist is to keep showing up and keep improving.

I also continue to develop my writing, primarily under my IG account, @images_of_hope_and_reflection and my songwriting account, @songwriter_skippingstones.

As we prepare to enter into 2023, I am beginning to feel my new word selecting me.  It looks like it is going to be, VISIBILITY.

With songs written, performing artists building albums, and our Power Pack Studios™️ officially launched, it looks like 2023 will be filled with a bit more visibility.  As one of five founding members of Power Pack Studios, whose mission is to:

       "Empower Women in Music

          through strength-based   


I am all in!

I have officially been designated the, Music Administrator, for, Power Pack Studios™️, as we enter the sync music licensing world.  It is now my "job," to get our songs visible and into the hands of our audiences, near and far. We even have our first placement in a short film, named after our song, Releasing You. They say releasing creative work into the world can be fascinating because you never know where your works of art might go.  All I know is, we've practiced long enough. Now it's time to take this show on the road and start getting visible.  Names to look for include:






Craving to Connect (C2C) a small group based community dedicated to those seeking deeper growth based connections as a way to know and be known in this great big wide world using our

REAL I.CE. framework --

REAL life. REAL Community






You'll often see me close my posts asking the question, "Wanna come too?" If you would like to "plug in" to this slowly growing community, sign up for our, soon to be available, email newsletter.

Grow early! Grow often!!

And remember to keep on talking!

Addressing world wide

universal human conditions

through the pursuit of

life-long growth and development

Utilizing a wide variety of

Frameworks for Living

To gather and grow

into the flow

of the

thrive side of being alive!

Ha! While having a little fun

along the way.


Kate Skidmore

Music Administrator


Empowering Women In Music

Through Strength-Based Collaboration

And my other passion,

Growth and Development Fascilitator

for REAL I.C.E.

REAL life. REAL Community

IMAGINE healing

CAPTURE feelings

EXPRESS emotions

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