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Heart Light

I find it so interesting when PROFOUND life lessons are captured in ordinary things.

This heart candle was a gift from a friend. I love candles, rustic things, natural wood, and hand made things. So for me, this gift was perfect! It even came with wooden matches that said, “You’re one of my favorites.”

There is only one tiny trick about this candle. The depth of this wooden heart bowl is really shallow. So the candle wick burned out after about three hour of burning. I was so sad. So as to keep the candle in use, I decided to remelt the wax and add a new wick.

Well, the reality is, if I want to use this candle regularly, I need to regularly, attend to refilling the heart candle. As I was replacing the wick and refilling the candle with melted wax for the third day in a row, I had a FLASH of awareness. I realized this candle was teaching me a lesson about LOVE. There are four kinds of love.

AGAPE: an extremely unselfish love that gives for the benefit of another

PHILIA: the affection between friends and those we really like.

STORGE: natural affection, especially between a mother and a child

EROS: strong attraction, especially romantic love.

Recently, a podcast I was listening to said, “Relationships are never stagnant. You cannot set them on a shelf for them to just BE.

No. Relationships are always in motion. They are either growing or they are diminishing. So, as I was realizing how much work it is to melt the wax and put a new wick in my favorite candle each day, it made me extremely aware of reviewing how I spend my time, energy, and emotions for building all the special relationships in my life.

Husband. Kids. Extended family. Friends... etc.

So this CANDLE has become my TEACHER and it begs me to answer the question, “What are you doing to BUILD the LOVE in your relationships to keep your HEART LIGHT burning BRIGHT?”

Note the difference in the beauty of the candle that is burning verses the candle that is extinguished.

Okay, little WOODEN HEART, that is teaching me so much, I will keep pouring in LOVE to all the SPECIAL HEARTS that I want to keep burning BRIGHT in my life.

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