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#3 What about Feelings?

Article 3 - 7/6/2019



Feelings influence our actions. 

In my observations, I see two primary positions that “pop culture” employs as it pertains to the volume that feelings play in a person’s life.

When I use the term “pop culture” I mean an expected or approved behavior among the culture creators, influencers, and leaders of a school or workplace or home environment. If the trend setters say its good, then it is good. 

(Remember, I am always watching for the HOP —hierarchy of power— Who or what has power? Why do they have power? How are they using their power? What grants them their power? Who are the winners and who are the losers from the way the HOP is being employed?)

On the one extreme, there are feelings blasting so loudly that the only option is to give feelings all the power; or the other extreme, where feelings are stuffed and get no attention at all. 

Both options render an imbalance or ineffective application of such a unique trait that we each carry. So I propose the question, “What is the role of emotion in a person’s life?” 

Or another attempt, “What is the right amount of power to assign to emotions in life?”

Great question! Or another version, “How do I “employ” my emotions effectively in the day in and day out of my life?”  I like that question too.


My short answer is, “Emotion needs a seat in the car, they just don’t get to drive the car!”

When my six kids ride in my car there is a hierarchy of seating. I’m the driver so they don’t get to sit there. The next place of privilege is the front passenger seat, then the back seat right side, then left back, then the middle back, then right back, back, then left back, back, then the least preferred place of all, center back, back.  When you apply this “seating model” to effective regulation of emotions, there are times when emotion needs to sit in anyone one of those seats of priority. And though emotion will absolutely tell you that there are times when they absolutely MUST drive the car, it just isn’t true. 

Okay, so what are some of the emotions we experience on a routine basis?  

Stay tuned. Momentum is building. 

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