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Thoughts as Thieves

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Thoughts as Thieves




Thoughts as thieves can steal

They steal a joy

They steal a fill

They steal me of my worth

Thoughts as thieves can steal

They strip me of my good

Thoughts as thieves can steal

They steal my sight and leave me blind

Thoughts as thieves can steal

They convince me that I’m not real

Thoughts as thieves can steal

They can steal my meal

Thoughts as thieves can steal

They make it so I cannot fill

I cannot fill with strength

I cannot fill with connection

I cannot fill with resources

I cannot fill with tender touch

I cannot fill with space that is safe

I cannot fill with a livable pace

Thoughts as thieves can steal

They taint my pool inside

Thoughts as thieves are toxic

Like a poison where I hide

Thoughts as thieves are anchored

They are anchored to the lie

They are anchored so firmly

That I can no longer try

Thoughts as thieves are anchored

The anchors look so deep

As the thoughts are stealing

They leave me here to weep

When thoughts as thieves unfurl

The thoughts keep pulling under

I witnessed these thieves

actually steal a person’s thunder

Thoughts as thieves keep showing up

day in and day out

Thoughts as thieves keep seeping in

and washing away my hope

When waking moments are steeped

in the deep and dark untruth

The vessel cannot see the way

his worth is emptied out

Thoughts as thieves need stopping

The thoughts somehow must cease

The thoughts must come unanchored

For the, now curse, to be released

I’m going there...

to blast with care...

come on friend...

don’t look there...

there is more that lies ahead...

Reach straight in...

No thought!

Don’t win!!

You cannot win again!

You may not strip

the value that I see

You may not rip his away hand

and take him far away from me

I know he’ll come to see...

but we must adjust the view

we must set a new anchor...

now from what is true

Come and see this true I see if it is up to me

Come and see what is under there

After we take back

what’s been under siege

After we blast the lie

And anchor to the rock


push back...

The thieves...

They fight back so hard

I need to at least get near enough

to blast the anchored lie.

Can we get near enough?

To help them to see clear enough?

I really MUST try

I really, really, MUST try

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