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The In-between

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Written April 10, 2020

2:31 a.m.

Dialed in during a run April 5 kks

For the narrated version click here.

The In-Between

The in-between

do you see what I mean

neither here nor there

it’s neither winter nor spring

in winter there is snow

to give a bright glow

in the in-between?


In the spring

there is new growth

bursting forth

in the in-between

no new growth comes through

One bit of hope

that I do see

is the flicker of light

bouncing back gently

from the tender tan leaves

of the very present beech tree

The rest of the woods

is completely shut down

just the empty brown

is all that is found

The beech tree leaves

still hanging on

from a time in the fall

Reflecting back to when

there was growth that was real

Those beech tree leaves

could not hang there today

if in the fall

they hadn’t already grown

right in their place

In the in-between

they show hope

in the in-between

they show a wider scope

Even though

in the neither here nor there

we crave to see more

Right over there

We must trust of a time

when there will be

more on the scene

because trust is a must

In everything

When things are shut down

we want to lose hope

it’s hard to pull through

to show faith

can make me feel like a fool

So much can look bleak

in the in-between time

so much can seem lost

and has such a high cost

When you’re in the in between

that cost looks like

such a a huge loss

Cuz’ that’s all we can see

But keep holding on

knowing that there is an end

to this in-between time

a new season is going to

eventually come right down

New growth WILL burst through (forth)

a new season is coming

it’s just what is true

Seasons don’t stay

in-between forever

being neither here nor there

will come to an end

Claim that new life

will break through

See with your eyes

the beautiful sunrise

The sun does rise


You don’t have to believe it

it just happens this way

Remember all the seasons

that you’ve had to

weather through

in the moment it feels eternal

that you’ll be in this space

But when you look at your

right now

you are definitely in a new place

You have new sites

you have new sounds

you have new smiles

that still surround

Yes in the new season

it still holds the old

it’s like that story book song

that sings

make new friends

and keep the old

one is silver

and the other is gold

(The Winnie the Pooh Book also includes, “like a circle that has no end, Pooh and Piglet will always be friends.”)

As you’re in the In between

It is hard to envision

this new-new

But like all of life

there’s ALWAYS a period of renew

if you break down that word

Into it’s two parts

There is the RE- do it again

and the NEW

Got it?

There has to be a NEW

In this NEW day

you’ll be able to share

that you never could have expected

for things to go there

Yes it will be a surprise

every day

Sometimes surprises

can be hard to take

until they are known

and have reached the time

to celebrate

You just have to trust

in the in-between

That a process

is still taking place

Though the site is unseen

The in-between

it will hold space

until it is time

to enter a new place

Spring is next

A hopeful day

renewal will start pressing through

like the bud on a tree

The bud will break forth

new leaves will appear

the tree will be covered

with green everywhere

Spring is coming

it’s almost here

Spring is bursting forth

so use this time to prepare

The in-between

the neither here - nor there...

will be over

so REST confidently


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1 Comment

Christi Cross
Christi Cross
Apr 16, 2020

Love this Kate!

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