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Tender Care

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Tender Care

Tender Care

Wants you here.

Tender care

Makes a way

For you to eas—i—ly

draw near

Tender care

Creates shelter

Especially for those

Most vulnerable

Can people please

Have the eyes to see

Can people please

Use their power to protect


Please stop

using your power

to MAN—ip—u—late

for selfish gain


You might think your manipulation

is nothing at all

But for those that need shelter

It feels like a hit


Tender care must make a way

for protection to be extended


Immediately and every time too!

The kindness toward those

in tender need

That will be PROOF!

Yes. Those in need of tender care

Need to feel welcomed

They need a spot of protection

— carved out —

for them to feel safe.

Those in need of tender care

Need more than anything

To be celebrated.




Come sit here.

Right next to me.

Come and drink care

As we sit in this chair

Come and feel safe

As we share dinner off this plate

Come and sit here

In tender shelter

Right next to me.

I’ll be right here.

Holding you near.

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