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That’s the answer.

Do you know the question?

Or maybe more generically speaking...

inputs in general.

Is the question coming into view? 

Listen for a minute...

Page down a bit if you need a hint.

How can a growth shift occur in a person that is largely out of community?

How can a renewal phase begin when no fresh teachings are pursued?

How can dynamics shift in an otherwise predictable pattern of relationship exchange?

Or a slightly different way of saying it...

What forces can cause a noticeable shift toward wholeness: first in self, then in relationship, which then alters the culture within the environment?

Brainstorm your own list...

Page down when you’re curious what this life intersection might look like from my perch-eyed view.


The hyper-speed version is:

Change even one approach...

you can change one word.

Change one word...

you can change an action.

Shift toward a purposeful action... 

you can change a reaction.

Change a reaction...

you can cause a shift in direction. 

Cause a shift in direction...

and now you produce different fruit. 

Produce different fruit... 

your “food” is more appetizing.  

When your “food” is more appetizing...

people want to gather.

When people want to gather... 

there is a chance to be seen.  

When people are seen...

they start to become.  

When they start to become... 

they start to thrive.  

Now since this is a dynamic approach for each individual, it is an exponentially dynamic interface for the whole system.  The growth and dynamic is not linear.  This shifting process is more like a series of elliptical orbits... where a primary value of the system is the chance to begin again... in this moment.

Okay, so that is a lot of words. What does that look like in action form?

Think about the spontaneous moments of life when that right breath of fresh air wafts through a moment and has a positive impact. Where a relationship feels connected and in sync.

Listen to Dance, Dance, Dance by the Steve Miller Band.

Since I don’t know if you have time to listen to the song, here are the lyrics:

Now observe all the actions and then the reactions that happen within that one little song.   Can you see the impact of participation in that last verse?

There are easy flow days when music like this fills up our relational spaces and where it is easy to celebrate and join in the participation of LIFE together.

Now what?

Establish a “dance floor” for today...

at this time...

when this moment matters...

(come to find out... they all matter)

This is where “shared space” whether physical, virtual , via audio, or any relevant platform...

can cause a shift in perspective which...














moving both individuals, relationships, and the entire system toward a closer version of whole, or at least the hope of important growth.

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