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Quotable Quotes

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

As I live each day, I seem to be becoming more and more aware when a line is said that feels worth capturing. This post will grow over time with those short “captures” that I hear throughout the day and along the way.



Nothing shallow lasts. Give me what is real.


February 2020


Forward from here.


June 17, 2020


Here is one from, mmas, as I was reading to her an entry from this blog that felt relevant to our conversation. One reading led into two, then maybe into even three or more. She had heard a couple of them before when she was feeling more resistant to receiving the words. For some reason, today she was more open to connection and she was now thirsty to hear the hope and love and vision and care the posts had to offer. We read One Verse, Two Questions, This or That, along with Fullness, The Fullness of Me, Words Take Shape, Presents-Presence, The Art of Anticipation, and a few things from Sips.

Wow! It’s amazing how different something sounds when you’re open and willing to hear it. 6/13/2020




Do you know how a loved one lives on?

You capture all their beautiful parts

You give grace to the gaps

And you imitate like crazy

All of their favorite impacts



SEE the 1000 things that ARE and be thankful always.

May 22, 2020

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