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Present - Present - Present - Presence - Presents

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

May 29, 2020


Okay. This is a stretch but work with me here.

The older I get, the more words appear more relevant to me. I notice more clearly how words interface In the communication exchange and then impact me.

I’m more aware of how words sound,

what they mean—

their connotation meaning

and their dictionary definition—

what language they originate from,

the letters in the word

and if I like to write the word.

I use lots of different pens and papers,

so I pay attention to what pen

and on what paper

I like to write certain words.

I also am more aware

of how one word

with the same spelling

can sound the same

and mean

wildly different things.

Take the word present.

There is the gift version 🎁 of—present.

There is the showing up in the moment version of—present.

and there is the...

I’m going to deliver a message to you—present

Or even these two— presents and presence.



As I write this out...

I realize that when you show up...

you are present— (physically)

to deliver a present...

Referring to gift present— (item)

you are also there to...

present— deliver a special message to that person—(speaking)

Today, may you

—be present (physically)—

—to present (deliver a message)—

—a present (gift)—

—the fine gift of your presence.

I think the gift of ones’ presence is one of the greatest presents of all!

This flower was a present 🎁, presented to me, when a friend blessed me with her presence.

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