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#1 Predictive Model of Behavior

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Article 1. 5/1/2019 by KKS Dedicated to my early readership of one. Your words of encouragement have helped me to be brave enough to try.

This article represents the beginning of my experiment to capture words on a page. The beginning of trying to make visible the view of my cross section of the world; from the perch where I sit and watch and wrestle and sift.

I found my title. Predictive Model of Behavior. Back during my masters program (1997) we were required to participate in a group counseling experience. The woman that ran the group facilitated discussion using different tools that brought me into awareness that behavior of self and others is actually predictable. Up to that point other people’s behavior seemed random. Maybe I could see a little bit how my own behavior was somewhat predictable but being able to anticipate other people’s behavior was new to my awareness. (Just for the record  this 10-session experience was one of the most helpful parts of my training for my MS Ed. in Counseling.) Over the years, I have taken what I learned from that group and have spun off my own versions of various models from there. Here is my latest pass at articulating this concept... As individuals engage with the Predictive Model of Behavior (PMB), people will increase awareness of self and others .  As we observe our patterns we become aware of what drives our behavior. We then begin to see what drives not only our own behavior but others as well. Once our awareness of self and others develops to the point where we begin to anticipate behavior, we are then able to rehearse our responses. Our new responses produce a different, albeit, more effective behavior and relational pattern effecting all areas of a person’s life. As our awareness increases, we are able to then become equipped to employ our new tools. We become artists of our own lives, we become more dynamically involved in producing the beauty, wholeness, and meaning of our moments. These moments begin to shift our days. These days shift our weeks... these weeks our months... these months our years...these years then become our beautiful lives.


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