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Line or Circle?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

I say,

“⭕️Circle all the way”

But never underestimate

the value of the line

connecting dots

along the way

Those lines connect the dots

Those dots might seem random

Until connected with those lines

Revealing a picture bigger

than the sum of those

little flecks of specks

that add up to today

Dot to dot is what we say

Sometimes the dots seem random

Until you take that line

and follow the numbers

One at a time

which ultimately begins to

reveal the sublime

Line or circle?

Circle all the way.

Circles have no beginning

Circles have no end

They always have the same shape

Each day along the way

Circles are whole

Circles can roll

Circles can roll on through

Bringing the gift of

no beginning

and no end

Circles reflect being whole

Time and time again.

Circle or line?

Circle all the way

But remember the value of the line

To bring to light the sublime

when children are out to play

Here in this new day.

Which restores?

Line or circle?

What do you say?

I say for sure circle

Circle all the way.



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