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In Search of Sunshine

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

I’ve noticed that sometimes

it can be

a very fine line

between sunshine and rain

Today when I went out

to hop on my bike

a few drops of rain

started falling down

I looked up to complain

and saw there was a fine line between

the sunshine and the rain

So I hopped on my bike

and took off like a flash

because I saw there was

sunshine to the east

if I could stay

just ahead of that fine line

between sunshine and rain

I caught the sunshine

that was just ahead

but I had to keep moving fast

to stay ahead

You see the dark sky was looming

off to the west

the rain was moving in

but slowly

if I hurried

I could stay ahead

I like to go riding

to find a place to where the sunshine

does shine bright

right there for me

I’m so thankful that

the sun does shine


Sometimes we see it filtered

through the trees

Sometimes we see it

crystal clear

as it rises fully seen

with no barr-i-er

Sometimes it rises

but in the cloud

We don’t see it at all

But it is still there

Rising like clockwork

As we make our or-bit

around the sun

We don’t see it

but it is definitely there

It might be covered in the cloud

But it still casts its light

On the ground


but still a form of light--

It casts it’s light

right over there

It still radiates it’s warmth

It still has its glow

Even if we can’t see it

from our seat below

From our seat

Below the clouds

Under the rain

The sun still

remains the same

The same

The same

Still bright

Still light

Still warm

Still whole

The sun is always





Some days I am in search

of the sunshine

but caught in the rain

sometimes I wake up

in the sunshine

and I remain the same

On the days I am searching for sunshine but find in the rain

I know that rain washes away

And makes me feel clean

Washes away

the hurt and the blame

After I’m clean

I am no longer

the same

When my junk is washed away

It’s like I get light

Even in the rain

I can start to feel bright

I know behind that rain

Is really once again

the sun-shine

(Or could it be

the son-shine—-the wrestling out

between the dark and the light)

In search of sunshine...

—weather—-liquid or clear


really—whether —liquid or clear

The sunshine remains

the same




And light

I find the sunshine again and again.


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