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#hopewriterlife challenge Courage

Updated: Sep 14, 2020


When I was young

I thought courage is what I needed

to try something new.

Now that I’m older

I have begun to think

that courage is what is needed

to be seen.

We live in a world that is shallow

Where most people are happy to play

Where everything looks shiny

And people always show a smile on their face

But I crave the deep.

I often can easily see

There is a breech between the

Smile on ones’ face

And the craving to be seen

It takes courage to bring those

two worlds together

into one true view

Where it’s okay to be hungry

Hungry to be seen

Hungry to be known

Even if it’s messy

The courage I see

All around me

Are from those ready to walk in the true...

The true between what IS seen

and also deeply felt too

I’ll walk there

In the mess

Yes, where it might be hard

But where we are living

In the true...



This little light of mine.

I’m going to let it shine

I think it will take much more courage

This time, I think,

to begin to use

this voice of mine

#hopewriterslife writing challenge 9/8/2020

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