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#hopewriterlife challenge Cultivate


Let's plant some seeds to cultivate!

It's a date!

Don't show up late.

We can meet

to push some little seeds

down together

in the dirt.

Next let's give them light...

that light might look like sunshine

Then come and give water

And last, finally food

Now it has

every--thing it needs

for good nu-tri--tion

in order to grow into

rich and full fruit

Imagine my surprise

after giving it time to grow

those seeds did sprout

into big plants that did indeed

turn into fruit.

Now imagine those seeds as words

Let's together...

push some tiny little “seed” words...

down into the dirt

Now lets give those words some light

now remember—that light might look exactly like sunshine

Now lets add some water and some food’s important to use

just the right amount, I heard

And finally

let's give it time...

and see what sprouts up

this time.

Did the seeds...

that were words...

grow and give life...

to all that heard?

I love to eat

of the fruit that bears

such a bright light

its easy to observe!

Let's cultivate that kind of fruit!

That fruit is so fun to serve!

Now just imagine...

an overflowing platter...

of life giving words!

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1 Comment

Perfect. Thank you for planting seeds of hope in my life❤️

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