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Hold a Steady Line

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Hold a steady line...

...every time.

September 26, 2019


Hold a steady line...

...not a robotic line

...but a steady line.

Maybe it is the little bit of sailor in me. The winds blow strong... the waves crash over... you adjust the sails and you turn into the wind.

Or maybe it is the winter girl that is within me. Make me choose between extreme heat or extreme cold? I pick cold. I feel like I have a say when it is cold…

... I can apply layers of defense against the cold… wicking, insulation, and barrier layers.

The wicking layer pulls the moisture away from my skin. What needs removing?

The insulation layer provides stability to our personal climate. The insulation prevents anything from “reacting” and leaving too quickly. Or the opposite, if too much extreme temperature is introduced on the outside, it takes time before the extreme temperature shift is felt.

Lastly, the barrier layer; designed to keep the wind and rain out and the warmth in. The barrier layer becomes our first line of defense toward being able to “hold a steady line.”

When I was young, I struggled to stay warm in temperatures below zero. Now that I am a seasoned winter adventurer, I have learned how to equip myself with the proper equipment and training to remain warm for temperatures up to 40 degrees below zero. With enough time and solid training over the years, along with walking through many tests, I have, more effectively, learned how to, “hold a steady line.”

The same is true in life. As I employ my training and my tools, I am better at knowing how to “hold a steady line.”

Or maybe it’s that I’ve been bucked off my steady line enough times to feel the hurt and the impact from the fall.

Falling off a steady line has caused real undoing of many things that matter, in exchange for a surge that was so short-lived and so destructive that I never want to fall prey to that level of un-doing again.

When the fire 🔥 of life’s circumstances brings me here again and again, I am faced with the dilemma of, “What are you going to do?”

Get bucked off?

Or hold a steady line?

I am sifting again. Wrestling between my reaction fueled emotion and “holding a steady line.”

I want to hold a steady line, I claim. What does holding steady line look like? I am injured.

I am impacted.

I am justified in my reaction.

So what does it look like to hold a steady line through the IMPACT ZONE?

I can still address the problem.

I can still deal with the injury.

I can still work through a conflict.

I want to hold a steady line.

Make no sudden moves.

Recognize that you are standing on thin ice.


Don’t move (or speak).

Lie flat.

Spread out the intensity of the emotion.

Redistribute your weight over a broader surface or resource base.

Move slowly.

Move deliberately.

Allow your training to kick in.

Be intentional about the direction you travel. Know the REAL outcomes that you seek.

Check your anchor points.

Are your anchors sound?

Check to see if you are securely fixed to your anchor points.

Hold a steady line. E v e r y

T i m e.


Show me how to love.

Help me to see through.

Walk in the next step before me.

Now I know just what to do.

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