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Follow the Bright Yellow Line

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

You know how when you drive

especially at night

when the pavement feels like it ends

in the dark of the night?

How when the dark swallows up

your cars head-lights?

Well when that darkness swallows up

that means it’s time to slow down

it’s time to zoom in

to keep your eyes fixed

on the bright line

that fills in

The bright yellow line shows

a way to make it through

a very dark place

it’s bright yellow line

and maybe a friend

who will be there beside you

all the way to the end

the bright yellow line will

show me the way

the white lines on the side

will show you when

you’re about to stray

Stay on the road

Look for that bright yellow line

To lead the way in

through a very dark time


There are two kinds of darkness

One kind of darkness covers you up

The other kind of darkness cools you down

Make sure you know

what kind of darkness you’re in

if you need some shade

then lay down and stay in

if you need some light

to pull you out

from the dark of the night

grab a friend

and start chasing down

the bright yellow line

Don’t forget to look up

to see what shines brightly

from above

They look like stars

and maybe the moon

to keep you connected

so you can see


it’s a bright yellow line

that is driving you

stick close to the bright yellow line

it’ll show you through

not only once

but every time too

hook elbows with a friend

get out in the night

wear your safety equipment

so you stay very bright

I want you to stay visible

so people can see

that you need to be surrounded

by people that can see

See the way through

this tricky path

See the way through

so it adds up too

Adds up to see

Adds up to be

A healing path

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