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I sleep like a rock for 3.5 hours

My mind shuts down and fully recharges

As I transition out of deep sleep

Thoughts come wrestling in

like words on repeat



Wrestling out

Problems to solve

Working it out

Next images start to emerge

Words seep in

as the concept unfurls

Now I transition to awake

It feels like a dream

I start to shake

I start to shake my mind awake

My dream is holding

thoughts that I need to chase

I come out of my dream

Enough to write

I capture all those thoughts

That flood through the night

On one hand its crystal clear

So vibrant at night

It feels as clear as fire light

When I awake and it’s bright

Bright like the day

I think what’s that I wrote?

It feels too bright to say

during the day.

The writing seems clear

all through the night

But those words shared out loud

out in the day

Feel too scary to speak...

Too bright to say...

Or even write

Soften and dampen that bright night firelight

too bright for the day.

Consider all that was said

in the deep fire light

but then be willing to hold back

some of the sparks to soften

the message held

just right for the day

Now I must go back to bed

and dream right into the day

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