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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Sips are just that, a verse or a thought to share. Maybe its a piece of a whole, waiting for it’s bigger release. This post will grow over time. A place to come back and visit a vividly captured line.


Captures from Power In Sync

June 17, 2020

Power surrendered in trust

It will do

My power beneath you

Will see you through

Sit deep in the saddle

Keep your feet pressing in

The stirrups will steady you

Around every bend

Release the reigns...

Feel me track you...

Release the reigns...

My power will show through...

Power surrendered

in trust

Cared for deeply

This power can heal

Power released

first horse to rider through reigns

Then rider to horse

The horse knows the way.

Our powers in sync

You yielding your reign

me under your seat

knowing the way

You let me drink

Your care on the way

I let you ride scared

but deep in your seat

Firm in our trust

Our powers surrendered

both deep in our trust.

A connection fully rendered


On Working Through Communication

Dear family and friends

I want to stay in...

I want to work out

our commun-i-ca-tion...

I want to keep leaning in

and keep learning how

to keep getting better

at building our connections

Not tearing down

I want to build up

That is all I have ever

desire to do

I keep trying to invest in the collective

of me and of you

and build up our trust

in all that we do

I know in relationships

that matter to us

We need to lean in

and actually depend

for there to be an us

I mean really lean in

and really depend

depend on each other

because for relationships to be real

We must learn to deal

IN the Trust


From: 1000 Things That Are

I woke up this morning at 2:26

Wanting to take time to capture

The 1000 things that ARE

in my daily mix

I want to give thanks

I want to be clear

of the things I hold dear

when I look in the mirror

I want to count my treasure

And recall all of my pleasure

I want to celebrate

and call out each thankful person

and each thankful thing

and all of the wonder and beauty that surrounds me

I want to call out specifically by name

I REALLY want to actually CAPTURE

the 1000 things that are

and be thankful always

(I wanted to

create an image to hold...

to help keep...


clear in my view..

so as to not miss this now...

or any other time...)


From Impact

You know how a loved one lives on?

You capture all their beautiful parts

You give grace to the gaps

And you imitate like crazy

All of your favorite impacts


We must trust of a time

when there will be

more on the scene

because trust is a must

In everything


One thing I know Fullness does not grow Sitting alone The kind of alone that feels like a stone

Now don’t get me wrong There is a side to being ready That does require personal work that is steady


Line or a circle?

Circle all the way.

He usually hopes for two This or That’s

So...I might go a little deeper...

Broken arm? Or a broken heart?

Most say broken arm. But tonight I had one change her mind to the broken heart. When I asked why, I was blown away. She said, you learn more from a broken heart and God, who is full of Love, is close to the broken-hearted. Wow! I have so much to learn from that girl!


Thoughts as thieves can steal They can steal my meal

Thoughts as thieves can steal

They make it so I cannot fill

I cannot fill with strength I cannot fill with connection I cannot fill with resources I cannot fill with tender touch I cannot fill with space that is safe I cannot fill with a livable pace

Thoughts as thieves can steal They taint my pool inside Thoughts as thieves are toxic Like a poison where I hide

Thoughts as thieves are anchored They are anchored to the lie They are anchored so firmly That I can no longer try

You may not strip

the value that I see

You may not rip his away hand

and take him far away from me

Come and see this true I see if it is up to me

Come and see what is under there

After we take back

what’s been under siege

I need to at least get near enough

to blast the anchored lie.

Can we get near enough?

To help them to see clear enough?

I really MUST try

I really, really, MUST try



Heal... How to heal... Taking time to heal...



Healing takes a thread and darns the hole...

Hole... How to darn the hole so now things move in the direction of whole...

Whole... to begin again...

Whole... To restore what this world breaks...


To tend to the damage so the damage becomes undone... so as to renew...

Renew... To re-do...

To re-begin again. To put on right use...

To restore to friendly relations...

to be reconciled.

To be reconciled.

To be brought back into right relationship...

To be back on friendly terms.

How many holes get a chance to be worked through to wholes?

To begin again.

In this moment.

To be seen...

To see...self

To see...others

To matter...

To be be celebrated...

To be celebrated home.

PLEASE - celebrate me home...

Please CELEBRATE ME home...

Please celebrate me HOME...


Celebrate. Me. Home.



From: Could You Hear Me Then

If the pursuing Love

Fit like a glove

If it descended upon you

Like a peaceful dove?

Could you hear it then?


The light came in

Skipping along

The light pursued brightly

Bounding in head long

Run light

Feel bright

Love pouring down

A sight much much bigger than one



If you don’t want us to remember it,

don’t do it in the first place. ~rrks



A bare that covers

A bare that cares

A bare that goes deeper

Than one might wear



From: Thoughts

As our awareness increases...

we then have a chance to shift...

As we shift, we can begin to see...

As we can start to see...

We can then begin the practice

of “seeing through.”

As we begin to “see through”...

we can access more effective resources...

We then can access

one of the most powerful resources

known to all...

We then have access to H O P E.

And H O P E does not disappoint.

H O P E will be our guide THROUGH.



Fear. Such a thief.



I enter in...

To drink from the well.

To begin again...

I can already tell.

I can already tell of a peace

in it‘s place

It’s like water rushed in...

and calmed every place. ~kks


Power is never neutral

Power equals a heart revealed

Power to bring peace

Power to love through

Power to make small

Diminish another through and through

Which will you choose?



Isn’t our soul always spoken to? It’s just a question of whether we are quiet enough to listen.

~mmas Spring 2019

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