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Questions to Consider

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

When you too, like me, are in a wrestling zone, sometimes the perfect question is all you need to cause a shift toward an important new direction. A direction I might refer to as...

a more effective direction...

or a more anchored, direction...

or a more true, direction...

or a most right-rightness, direction...

So here I will build a growing series of questions to consider as we make our way. ————————-

What is it that isn’t good that needs to get better?

me s ————————- Question to consider....

So what does it look like to hold a steady line through the IMPACT ZONE?




What would your “Welcome Home” scene look like if you were celebrated home in a way that you felt deeply cared for?

———————— QOD 1/22/2020


Esse Quam Videri

To be. Rather than to seem to be.

What is incongruent between what you say you are and actually are?

Or another way of saying it, “Are you a poser?”

Like a wheel on a bike that needs to be “trued” to roll effectively; what spoke in your life needs adjusting? Are you using the right tool to make the adjustment needed?

——————- QOD 1/21/2020


Anchors. What are your anchors? You know that storms will come. When they hit, what will you anchor in to weather the storm through?


Today‘s question was captured while a group gathered. 1/19/2020

What basic thing did you not do that you have to go back to?

The wisdom: If you don’t keep your water source, your personal pool, clean,

everything down stream is now tainted. Life from this place forward shows that you didn’t fix the problem in the first place.

Action: Go back. Fix what you know needs fixing.

Sometimes this looks like:

I’m sorry.

A confession... to yourself? to others? to an always loving father? Cleaning up a mess.

Pay restitution.

Affirm someone that was right all along.

Listen to your conscience...wrong is wrong when you act against your internal code. ————————-

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