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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

I love feet

Especially baby feet

Feet take you...

where you want to go


So simple

Just five little toes

Feet take you...

where you want to go

Baby feet

So sweet

I love how tiny

I love how smooth

I love the innocence they exude.

I love reciting...

while I pull on those tiny little toes

“Toe tight. Toe tiddle.

Penny white. Penny whittle.

And Ichabod!”

Or what about...

“This little piggy went to the market.

This little piggy stayed home.

This little piggy ate roast beef.

This little piggy had none.

and this little piggy went, wee wee wee,

all the way home.”

When I run the contrast

between sweet little baby feet

and feet that have matured...

Now I wonder about the miles those feet

have incurred...

of you...

of me...

or you three...

walking together through

this season before thee.

Feet on the path

Feet in the dirt

Feet held high

Feet when they hurt

Feet up a hill

Feet in the sea

Feet climbing rocks

Feet with toes...

that have been cut off

Those are just some of the feet

that I have seen.

Feet could tell stories of where they have been

standing tall...

or at the mall

or maybe on pavement too hot to stand

or on the beach while playing in the sand

Feet sometimes repeat...

a path that they take

Feet can walk...

where the light illuminates

Feet can turn right

Feet can turn left

I always hope my feet walk...

in a straight path

I want to stand true

I want to walk right

Careful to stay...

out there in the light


There was a summer

when my feet

hit the dirt

Which took me off the path

as I traveled in the murky dirt

That dirt didn’t look

too too bad

But I see that is when

My feet brought me

the first time

into uneven land

You see that is when I cut

the sole of my foot...

Our maybe I should say

the soul of my foot...

If it’s true

Feet take you where you want to go

Does that mean

I chose that path too?

The path where I harmed my feet

deep in my sole?

Maybe I did...

though unaware...

actually make the choice to prepare

Prepare to walk

into that place

where my feet led me

in to the places un-in-tend-ed.

Places unintended

that actually caused injury

to my sole (my soul)

the sole of my foot

Feet love freedom

They don’t like to be bound

Feet want the freedom

To move around

The thing about freedom

that I can see...

Is somehow freedom...

Isn’t free

There’s the army version

Where our freedom isn’t free

without the cost of lives lost

in a war

But then there’s the feet version

That freedom isn’t free

when my feet take me

where I want to be

and that ends up being

a place that cuts deep in my feet’s sole...

It’s impactful to know

how when my feet are cut deep

it feels much more

like a breech

deep in my soul.


They take me where I want to go.

Now I choose to be truly free.

To walk on the path...

that brings me TO me...

(Or me to thee...)

My feet can take me where I want to go

This time I want to go

On the path back to whole.

My feet can take me where I want to go...

I want go whole.

And I want to come home.


That is where my feet

MOST long to be.


They take me where I want to be.

July 9, 2020

Dialed in around 7 a.m.

by kks

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