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Images of Hope and Reflection

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

New Growth.


Forward from here.


Delicate shelter. The giving and the receiving.


Burst forth. Open to your fullest potential. First yourself and then with others. #bettertogether


The wonder of flight.


Two Reflections. The reflection of an image and the act of serious thought.


Serious - Fire - Light


Purity with Passion


Run light. Feel bright. Love pouring down.


Wide open from here.


Source and Reflection


Potential. What will grow?


Connected. Hands and feet and hearts.


Core Strength





(Note the titles of the last two pictures)




Be Still


Stick together.


A Mother’s Day hug


Rest here.


Trillium - A sure sign of Spring.

Fire - Light


Welcome! We’ve been expecting you.

Gentle Refresh

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