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The Art of Anticipation

Updated: May 28, 2020

Dedicated to all my fellow trip leaders out there! Learning to anticipate the needs of each team member has helped me learn how to better wrangle my kids during my days as a mother of six!


The art of anticipation

How can anticipation be an art form?

That sounds so strange.

To know what lies ahead

seems so simple

Like it doesn’t take any brains

Okay let’s look at a day

How many decisions we make

If we catalog each intersection

Of what lies ahead

Now I might actually begin to see

That there are a lot of demands on me

Hmmm. I’m beginning to see.

Time to get up

to fit in all that’s planned

Does it matter

If I live scattered

or place a map through my land?

Let’s see if I can see

if random can stand

Get up workout

So far so good

But wait

am I meeting my friend for a swim?

Not time for two workouts

This now leaves my time thin

If I go workout again

Will I have the minutes?

When it comes time to study

To be ready for the quizzes?

Drat. I didn’t check in

So now I don’t know

What today’s plan

Will finally look like

here in the now.

I’m beginning to think

there is something to

this new art form

that I have found.

The art of Anticipation...

Let’s try this again...

Okay we worked through a day

Now let’s try a trip

Traveling far

Now let’s be equipped.

Maps for the miles

Know where we’ll stay

There are a lot of little details

to know along the way

Time for a bathroom break?

I see one right there!

No plan?

We pass up and wait

Oh great!

The young one panics...

I’ve got to go now!

Can’t find one...

just wait!

It’s not easy now.


Bring food or pay?

Healthy or junk food

Must decide ahead

to have a say

Gas for the car tank

That must come easy

No plan for a stop

Oh no!

I can’t get off the road here

It is now far too sleazy

I’m really beginning to see

That every decision

Can become

a place of inefficiency

Now consider

the size of the group

One or two?

We can keep our operations

Streaming in a tight group

Now this bigger group here?

The individual preferences

Get harder to bear.

I’m hungry now

No snacks on hand

Becomes another stop

If as we stop

some don’t get out

Then timing is off

when they shout,

“I need to stop here!

I didn’t go!”

Making yes, another stop

Now my top...

I’m ready to blow!

This art of anticipation

Is actually a chance to chart

A line through the race

Which will begin to act like grace

Finding A flow through

Maintaining my pace

Not to mention a better place...

Now becomes more like

a place of peace!!!

Okay now let’s run through

the trip with a prep

Water and healthy snacks packed

Scheduled breaks...

to empty and fill

Two hours and thirty minutes

Seems to optimize the drill

The quick empty now scheduled

15 minutes for all to go will do

Five hours

means every two stops

We need a little longer time

Maybe for a quick little shop

Need to fill tanks

of two kinds

Tummies and cars

Fuels keeps cars moving

And keeps steady our minds

We don’t want to discover any

Hangry bears this time!!

The art of anticipation

is helping me to see

everything decision

can run smooth and easy

Without a plan

can leave indecision

which leaves too many moments

that might sting like a bee!


Just the beginning

Of considering

What else would be helpful

To plan for the day

I will start to participate

In this Art of Anticipate

Ideas to consider anticipating

forward from here:

Must wake up at a certain time?

Count 8 hours ahead

Put my head on the pillow

To ensure enough downtime.

Big Rocks First:



Daily Favorites...

—like healthy food and exercise—

that I like to take

time to do

This art of anticipating

allows me to better know

how to structure

my discretionary...


and my

free-to-spend time.

Now nothing feels like an accident

When all my favorite things to do

Come first in my day as I follow

My good planned line...

straight through

Not only an hour

But a day

Then a week

Plus a month

Filling up quickly into a year

Recognizing as I get good

at this art of anticipating

it can mean I must

know my choices that come

from my values

As I’ve heard said

My wants are unlimited!!!

But my resources have caps

When my demands are too many

this leaves significant gaps...

I can run out of time...

I can run out of money...

I can run out of space...

...for my special honey...

Not to mention

remembering me

in the equation of setting

time, money, and energy

to set aside time...

—just special—

to care for me...

or for us...

or even...

this little tree

Now do you see?

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