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#2 The Hunger. The Power.

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

____________ First an aside:

I couldn’t sleep so I decided to bring Article 2 to life.  Enough people ask me, “When are you going to start writing?” that I suppose it is worth practicing. Starting a blog to share my “living writing , my “dynamic journal” of sorts, feels risky. I tend more toward the conversational model of connecting. I prefer to interact face-to-face or even over phone or video-based calls. Since many of my connections end up talking through common conversation threads, that are often very universal in nature, at this point it seems worth the investment to share an entry as a way to “catch people up“ to the related, and hopefully relevant parts, of the conversation. Even if this part of the “conversation“ is only representing one side of the flow.

It is my hope that giving folks a base of resources, will then, quite possibly, leave more room for better listening. I know I speak too many words in order to build a shared foundation. As I reflect my perch-view thinking, it is necessary to build a common vocabulary. As people who know me would say, “a vocabulary full of KKS-isms.”  

Hopefully, reflected in this one side of the conversation, are the stories and conversations and models and information that others have reflected back to me as being helpful in establishing a more effective personal compass for negotiating the layers of trickiness that life is so good at dishing out. 

I’m of the strong observation that the bulk of the richness and expansion of a person and growth in life happens in connecting to the things that matter to us for as little as 5-10 minutes a day.

So here is my offering, that maybe, someday, as a million word pictures are captured and as this body of articles grows, that maybe...just maybe...the development of meaning making, and community building, might...just might... add up to a view worth capturing and sharing and maybe... just maybe... causing some kind of meaningful impact in at least a teeny-tiny corner of the world; if in no other part of the world but my own.


Article 2, 5/3/2019 by KKS

Okay, so claiming a Predictive Model of Behavior (PMB) seems like a rather “bold” statement to make when considering the complexity of humans, their behaviors, and relationships. I agree! However, the model serves as a framework for understanding, what I would describe as, hierarchy of power (HOP) which is what fuels the predictability of certain behaviors that occur.

Essentially, our hunger drives our behaviors. These hungers send us out looking for ways to satisfy these hungers. These hungers are powerful so we use our power to access resources to satisfy these hungers. So this is where you get to see how people manage their “power.” Will they use their power to hurt or to heal? Will they use their power to fill self? Or another? Will they use their power to bring division or build community? Will they use power to start war or bring peace?

As we consider what our hungers are, we increase our awareness. This increase in awareness produces, what I might describe as, layers of continuums that apply in any situation deemed desirable to exam. Some people carry a very strong opinion on the importance of an examined life. 

I might describe the process of examination like this:  

In most situations, people want to consider the action or the behavior.  From here, this is where the understanding of what the action is, is built on a pathway leading into understanding of what drives the behavior.  The greater the awareness of the pathway, the more visible the understanding or predictable-ness of the pathway leading to the action becomes. 



     Influences/Leads to __________

                Influences/Leads to____________

                          Influences/Leads to __actions__

Actions are either effective or ineffective in accomplishing the desired outcome.

Any guesses on what influences actions? 


Just for the record, I enjoy verbally explaining these concepts way more than I enjoy writing about these concepts. However, it is good practice for articulating the concepts concisely.  

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